The Invader (1997) IMDb

The Invader

01:33:00 | Action, Thriller | IMDb rating: 4.0

Keywords: Alien, Alien Abduction, Alien Assasin, Alien Baby, Alien Food, Alien Space Craft, Alien Technology, Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship, Cable Car, Car Chase, Cat, Crash, Crash Landing, Female Teacher, Fireplace Poker, Forest, Helicopter, Independent Film, Kindergarten Teacher, Kiss, Machine Gun, Male Female Relationship, Police, Policeman, Pregnancy, Pregnant Woman, Pursuit, Schoolteacher, Self Repair, Spacecraft, Spaceship, Spaceship Crash, Stranger, Two Word Title, Ultrasound, Weird Pregnancy.


A school teacher is impregnated and kidnapped by an alien being who has been chased across the galaxy by another alien being whose race is trying to exterminate Cross's race. When the infant is born it will be female and will become the "Eve" of her race. (Females were the first to be exterminated.) But first they must reach his ship and deliver the child (full term is three days). Mancuso cons the local sheriff in his attempt to kill the mother, child and alien.

Director(s): Mark Rosman,

Writer(s): Mark Rosman.
Producer(s): Jon Kramer. David Newlon. Scott Buckham. Lawrence McDonald. Lisa Richardson.


Studio: Promark Entertainment Group, Spectacor Films, Promark Entertainment Group.

Origin: USA

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