Nowhere (1997) IMDb


01:22:00 | Comedy, Drama | IMDb rating: 5.8

Keywords: Adolescence, Aerobics Class, AIDS, Alien, Alien Abduction, Alienation, American Flag, Apocalypse, Armageddon, Bad Breath, Bare Breasts, Bare Butt, Bare Chested Male, Barking, Baseball Field, Bathroom, Beaten To Death, Beating, Bed, Beer, Belch, Bermuda Triangle, Bikini Kill The Band, Bisexual, Blood, Blood Poisoning, Blood Spatter, Blue Hair, Boy Boy Kiss, Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship, Breath Spray, Brentwood California, Brother Sister Relationship, Burn, Cafe, Cambodia, Candle, Castration Threat, Cedar Sinai Hospital Los Angeles, Chicken Costume, Chipmunk, Climbing In A Window, Cocaine, Convertible, Covered In Blood, Cowboy, Cross, Crying, Crystal The Drug, Cujo, Cunnilingus, Cutting Class, Dead Body, Dead Puppies The Band, Death, Dental Braces, Dieting, Dinosaur Costume, Disappearance, Dodo Bird, Dog, Dog Eating People, Dominatrix, Drag Queen, Drink, Drinking, Drug Addict, Drug Addiction, Drug Dealer, Drug Overdose, Drug Use, Drugs, Drunkenness, Earthquake, Eating, Ecstasy The Drug, Epidemic, Erection, Erotica, Escape, Espresso, Evangelist, Experiment, Exploding Body, Face Slap, False Teeth, Father Daughter Relationship, Father Son Relationship, Fear, Female Nudity, Female Sitting On A Toilet, Food, Fungus, Gay, Gay Kiss, Gay Teenager, German, God, Gore, Gossip, Green Hair, Gurney, Hallucination, Head In Oven, Heaven, Helmet, Heroin, High School, Hollywood California, Homosexual, Idol, Independent Film, Ingrown Hair, Insect, Interracial Relationship, Itching, Jesus Christ, Jumping Into A Swimming Pool, Kick The Can, Kidnapping, Kiss, Kumquat, Lava Lamp, Lesbian, Licking Nipple, Locker Room, Los Angeles California, Love, Machine Gun, Maggot, Male Female Relationship, Male Male Kiss, Male Nudity, Male Rear Nudity, Marriage Proposal, Masturbation, Menstruation, Minister, Mold, Money, Mother Son Relationship, Motorcycle, Murder, Mushroom, Nipples, Nuclear Power Plant, Nudity, Orgasm, Palos Verdes California, Party, Penis, Pierced Nipple, Pierced Tongue, Pill Popping, Pills, Pollution, Porn Star, Preacher, Premonition, Prozac, Psychedelic, Puss, Racquetball, Rape, Rapture, Ray Gun, Razor Blade, Record Store, Reference To Clive Barker, Reference To Elvis Presley, Reference To Godzilla, Reference To Jayne Mansfield, Reference To Sandy Duncan, Rehearsal, Religion, Rescue From Drowning, Restaurant, Rinsing Mouth, Roller Skating, Rooftop, Satire, Schizophrenic, Scrotum, Seizure, Self Abuse, Self Destructiveness, Sense Of Smell, Sex, Sex In Public, Sexology, Shooting Up, Shower, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Skinhead, Snorting Cocaine, Sore, Southern California, Space Alien, Spanking, Spitting, Split Screen Telephone Call, Stairway To Heaven, Stepmother Stepson Relationship, Stoned, Strawberry, Student, Sucking On Finger, Suicide, Surgery, Surprise Ending, Surrealism, Swedish, Swedish Accent, Swimming Pool, Tampax, Tarantula, Tears, Teen, Teen Angst, Teen Drinking, Teen Drug Use, Teen Love, Teenage Boy, Teenage Girl, Teenage Love, Teenage Sex, Teenager Nudity, Telephone Call, Testicles, Thermonuclear Catastrophy, Third Eye, Three Way Sex, Tied Up, Toilet, Tomato Soup Can, Transvestite, Turbo, TV Evangelist, TV News, Twin, Twisting Nipple, Underwater Scene, Underwear, Urination, Uterus, Vagina, Video Camera, Video Diary, Video Tape, Violence, Vomit, Watching TV, Whittier California, Youth, Zit.


A group of teenagers try to sort out their lives and emotions while bizarre experiences happen to each one, including alien abductions, bad acid trips, bisexual experiences, suicides, bizarre deaths, and a rape by a TV star. All of this happens before "the greatest party of the year".

Director(s): Gregg Araki,

Writer(s): Gregg Araki.
Producer(s): Andrea Sperling. Gregg Araki. Nicole Arbib. Pascal Caucheteux. Jon Kuyper. Grégoire Sorlat. Ilene Staple. Shelley Surpin.


Studio: Blurco, Desperate Pictures, Union Générale Cinématographique (UGC), Blurco.

Origin: USA

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