Retroactive (1997) IMDb


01:31:00 | Action, Adventure, Crime | IMDb rating: 6.3

Keywords: 18 Wheeler, Accomplice, Altering History, Alternative History, Alternative Reality, Alternative Timeline, Anger, Angry Man, Animal Experimentation, Area 51, Arizona, Arrest, Barbed Wire Fence, Beer, Blood, Body Landing On A Car, Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship, Captive, Car Breakdown, Car Chase, Car Set On Fire, Changing The Future, Chase, Cheating, Cheating On Husband, Child In Peril, Child Murder, Computer Program, Corpse, Crime Scene, Criminal, Cruelty, Crushed Car, Dark Humor, Death, Death Of Boyfriend, Death Of Ex Husband, Deja Vu, Desert, Destiny, Dying Repeatedly, Enigma, Escape, Experiment Gone Wrong, Exploding Car, Exploding Gasoline Station, Explosion, Facility, Fate, FBI, Fire, Flashback, Flirting, Following Someone, Gas Station, Gun, Gunshot, Handcuffs, Head Blown Off, Held At Gunpoint, Hiding, Hit In The Face, Hit With A Car Door, Hitchhiker, Hostage, Husband Kills Wife, Independent Film, Infidelity, Jumping From A Car, Kicked In The Stomach, Killing An Animal, Lab Experiment, Laboratory, Looking At Self In Mirror, Massacre, Memory, Mexican Man, Mexican Standoff, Military Base, Mirror, Misunderstanding, Monitor, Mouse, Mouse Trap, Multiple Outcomes, Murder, Murder Of Family, Nonlinear Timeline, On The Road, One Day, One Word Title, Paradox, Paranormal, Paranormal Phenomena, Picture, Pistol, Police Officer Killed, Precognition, Premonition, Preventing A Murder, Psycho Terror, Psycho Thriller, Psychopath, Psychopathic Killer, Punched In The Face, Quantum Leap, Race Against Time, Rampage, Reflection, Repeated Event, Repeated Joke, Repeated Line, Repeated Scene, Revenge, Rewinding Action, Road, Road Rage, Road Trip, Science, Science Experiment, Scientist, Seeing The Future, Serial Killer, Shootout, Shot In The Chest, Shot In The Head, Shot In The Leg, Shot Through A Door, Shot Through A Window, Shot To Death, Shotgun, Shyness, Slow Motion Scene, Sociopath, Southern Accent, Stalking, Stare, State Trooper, Stolen Police Car, Surprise Ending, Surrealism, Surveillance Camera, Suspense, Technology Gone Amok, Temper, Terror, Texas, Time, Time Loop, Time Machine, Time Travel, Title Spoken By Character, Top Secret, Top Secret Project, Tourist, Tragic Event, Travel, Villain Played By Lead Actor, Violence, Wife Abuse, Wife Beater, Wife Kills Husband, Woman In Jeopardy, Woman Shot, Yelling For Help.


Karen has to take a ride in Frank's car. He's travelling with his wife, on his way to sell computer chips, which he obtained illegally. He suspects his wife is being unfaithful and tragic things happen, following a discussion. Karen escapes, reaching a lab where a scientist has discovered how to go back in time, and she returns by accident some minutes before the violent events. Then she tries to make things better, but things tend to become worse, as time cycles keep being repeated.

Director(s): Louis Morneau,

Writer(s): Michael Hamilton-Wright, Robert Strauss, Phillip Badger.
Producer(s): David Bixler. Jesse J. Donnelly. Jeffrey D. Ivers. Brad Krevoy. Michael Nadeau. Kelley Feldsott Reynolds. Steven Stabler. Candace Veach. Glen Tedham.


Studio: Cohiba Pictures.

Origin: USA

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