The Nutty Professor (1996) IMDb

The Nutty Professor

01:35:00 | Comedy, Romance | IMDb rating: 5.6

Keywords: Actor Playing Multiple Roles, African American, Alter Ego, Bad Taste, Beach, Black American Stereotype, Blockbuster, Campus, Candy, Candy Bar, Chemistry, Chubby Woman, Comedian, Comedian In Cast, Crotch Rub, Crude Humor, Deoxyribonucleic Acid, Double Life, Dream, Dream Girl, Dysfunctional Family, Experiment Gone Wrong, Experiment On Oneself, Exploitation, Fart In Blooper Reel, Fart Joke, Farting Contest, Fat Insult, Fat Suit, Father Son Relationship, Flatulence, Food, Foolish, Formula, Gag Humor, Giant, Gravy Boat, Gross Out Humor, Hamster, Handcuffs, Humiliation, Idiot, Jekyll And Hyde, Makeover, Male Flatulence, Mother Son Relationship, Nerd, Nutty Professor, Obesity, Overweight, Playboy, Popcorn, Professor, Reference To King Kong, Reference To Oprah Winfrey, Remake, Repulsion, Restaurant, Scatological Humor, Scatology, Science, Science Runs Amok, Scientist, Screwball, Self Pity, Sex, Sexual Frustration, Shitting Self, Split Personality, Stupidity, Swear Words, Teacher, Teaching, Television, Toilet Humor, Villain Played By Lead Actor, Weight Loss.


Sherman Klump is an incredibly fat and good-hearted man. He is a college professor on the verge of a breakthrough in DNA restructuring when he meets an admirer of his, named Carla, who is a teacher new to Klump's college. He is enamored of her, but is frustrated by his tremendous bulk. He then decides to test a formula on which he's been working on himself. He is then transformed into the lecherous swinger, Buddy Love, and romantic complications ensue.

Director(s): Tom Shadyac,

Writer(s): Jerry Lewis, Bill Richmond, David Sheffield, Barry W. Blaustein, Tom Shadyac, Steve Oedekerk.
Producer(s): James D. Brubaker. Brian Grazer. Karen Kehela Sherwood. Jerry Lewis. Mark Lipsky. Russell Simmons.


Studio: Imagine Entertainment, Imagine Entertainment.

Origin: USA

Budget: 54,000,000 $

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