Rupan sansei: Dead or Alive (1996) IMDb

Rupan sansei: Dead or Alive

01:35:00 | Action, Animation, Comedy | IMDb rating: 7.4

Keywords: Alter Ego, Arsene Lupin, Bar, Boat, Bounty Hunter, Character Name In Title, Computer, Dictator, Fictional Country, Interpol, Kingdom, Knife, Marksman, Nano, Palace, Prince, Resistance, Samurai, Sequel, Tank, Thief.


Lupin and his friends travel to the country of Zufu (which resembles Iraq or Iran) and the objective is a treasure located on Drifting Island, which is guarded by an advance defense system that's years ahead of it's time. Which makes Lupin and his pals investigate on how to surpass the island's security. but our infamous thief must beware of Zufu's power hungry General Headhunter, the Zufu Police, bounty hunters, and Zenigata himself. As a million dollar reward is placed on Lupin's head, Dead or Alive.

Director(s): Monkey Punch,

Writer(s): Monkey Punch, Monkey Punch, Hiroshi Sakakibara.
Producer(s): Gen Fukunaga. Hidehiko Takei.


Studio: FUNimation Entertainment.

Origin: Japan

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