Fuga dal paradiso (1990) IMDb

01:52:00 | Action, Adventure | IMDb rating: 5.1

Keywords: Mutant, Post Apocalypse.


In a futuristic society, an old man tells the legend of a strange medal to two children. In flashback, we learn that after a nuclear catastrophe, two teenagers were living in an artificial paradise, maintained by electronic means, and once decide to leave that shelter and escape using that same medal - a mini video-disc - in search of outer-space freedom.

Director(s): Ettore Pasculli,

Writer(s): Lucio Mandarà, Ettore Pasculli.
Producer(s): Luciano Luna. Claudia Mori.


Studio: Azzurra Film, Cinémax, Iduna Film Produktiongesellschaft, Azzurra Film.

Origin: Germany

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