Orion's Key (1996) IMDb

Orion's Key

01:39:00 | Action | IMDb rating: 2.9

Keywords: Africa, Alien, Apostrophe In Title, Archaeologist, Archeology, Artifact, Character Name In Title, Chase, Fourth In Series, Fourth Part, Independent Film, Punctuation In Title, Sequel.


After two archaeologists discover an ancient alien artifact in Africa, they must run for their lifes from both the unstoppable guardian and protector that awakens as a result, and their greedy, madman employer, both of whom want the artifact.

Director(s): Mark Roper,

Writer(s): Boaz Davidson, Danny Lerner, B.J. Nelson, Mark Roper.
Producer(s): Avi Lerner. Danny Lerner. Danny Dimbort. Trevor Short. Yossi Wein.


Studio: Nu World Services.

Origin: USA

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