Tenchi Muyô! In Love (1996) IMDb

Tenchi Muyô! In Love

01:35:00 | Animation, Comedy, Drama | IMDb rating: 7.3

Keywords: 1970s, 1990s, Anime, Black Humor, Boy With Glasses, Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship, Character Name In Title, Danger, Demon, Demoness, Desperation, Disappearance, Exclamation Point In Title, Falling From Height, Father Son Relationship, Female Nudity, Female Rear Nudity, Fight, Fighting, Flashback, Grandfather Grandson Relationship, High School, High School Boy, High School Girl, High School Student, Jealousy, Lightsaber, Love, Love Interest, Man With Glasses, Mother Son Relationship, Nudity, Princess, Rivalry, Sexual Humor, Supernatural Power, Surrealism, Sword, Teenage Boy, Teenage Girl, Time Travel, Tokyo Tower, Violence.


Tenchi and co. find their existence unsettled by a time-travelling entity called Kain. Desiring revenge upon the Juraian emperor, Tenchi, Kain travels back in time to kill Tenchi's mother. Trying to preserve the timestream, Tenchi and friends follow him back. Unfortunately, Tenchi must also deal with the pain that seeing his mother causes him. Since she died in the future, seeing her alive in the past reopens his old wounds.

Director(s): Hiroshi Negishi,

Writer(s): Masaki Kajishima, Hiroshi Negishi, Ryôe Tsukimura.
Producer(s): Tak W. Abe. Miyoko Miura. Naoju Nakamura. Hidemi Satani.


Studio: Anime International Company (AIC), Kurosawa Enterprises USA Inc., Anime International Company (AIC).

Origin: Japan

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