Mosura (1996) IMDb


01:44:00 | Action, Fantasy | IMDb rating: 5.8

Keywords: Character Name In Title, Creature, Creature Feature, Dragon, Environment, Ghidora, Giant Insect, Giant Insect Larva, Giant Monster, Giant Moth, Japan, Kite, Miniature People, Monster, Monster Movie, Moth, Mothra, Shobijin, Tokyo Japan.


A logging and mining company working in Northern Japan disrupts a set of magical seals buried undergound, causing the release of Death Ghidora, an enormous, three-headed monster that had previously wiped out all life on Mars and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs on Earth. When Death Ghidora begins sucking the life out of the environment, the only thing that can save the planet from destruction is Mothra, the giant flying insect.

Director(s): Okihiro Yoneda,

Writer(s): Masumi Suetani, Tomoyuki Tanaka.
Producer(s): Shogo Tomiyama. Hiroaki Kitayama.


Studio: Toho Pictures Inc..

Origin: Japan

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