Dark Breed (1996) IMDb

Dark Breed

01:44:00 | Action, Horror | IMDb rating: 4.2

Keywords: Alien, Astronaut, Autopsy, Bone Saw, Electrocution, Exploding Body, Exploding Car, Flashback, Gatling Gun, Heart In Hand, Helicopter, Independent Film, Lasersight, Long Tongue, Neck Breaking, Reverse Footage, Scalpel, Security System, Self Destruct, Space Shuttle, Wheelchair.


Captain Saxon, and agent for the top secret Omega agency, has been given the assignment of tracking down and either capturing or killing the crew members of a secret space mission who returned to Earth against orders. It seems that they were all infected with an alien parasite, and they were trying to bring its eggs back to Earth. The eggs were lost in an accident, and both Saxon and the astronauts are trying to locate them. What could the government want them for?

Director(s): Richard Pepin,

Writer(s): Richard Preston Jr..
Producer(s): Scott McAboy. Joseph Merhi. Richard Pepin. Jack Scalia. Amy Sydorick.


Studio: PM Entertainment Group.

Origin: USA

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