Specimen (1996) IMDb


01:25:00 | | IMDb rating: 3.9

Keywords: Alien Hunter, Alien Rape, Alien Species, Female Nudity, Fire, Firestarter, Independent Film, Male Nudity, Orphan, Paranormal, Pyrokinesis.


After his grandmother's death, 24-year-old Mike Hillary sets off in search of who he thinks is his real father. Little does he suspect the real scenario: his late mother was impregnated by aliens, and now they've sent someone down to bring back their "specimen"--dead or alive.

Director(s): John Bradshaw,

Writer(s): Damian Lee, John Bradshaw, Sheldon Inkol, Lauren McLaughlin.
Producer(s): Damian Lee. Helder Goncalves. Richard Babcock. Paul G. Day. Jeff Sackman.



Origin: Canada

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