Hak hap (1996) IMDb

Hak hap

01:36:00 | Action, Adventure, Comedy | IMDb rating: 5.9

Keywords: Action Hero, AK 47, Ambush, Bomb, Brawl, Camera Shot Of Feet, Character Name In Title, Combat, Cult Favorite, Dark Hero, Destiny, Disarming Someone, Drugs, Evil Man, Explosion, Female Stockinged Feet, Fight In The Restroom, Fight To The Death, Fist Fight, Flashback, Foot Closeup, Gadget, Gun Fu, Gunfight, Hand To Hand Combat, Hero, Heroic Bloodshed, Hong Kong, Impalement, Kung Fu, Kung Fu Classic, Kung Fu Fighting, Kung Fu Master, Lasersight, M 16, Machine Gun, Male Bonding, Martial Artist, Martial Arts, Martial Arts Master, Mask, Mixed Martial Arts, One Against Many, One Man Army, Opening Action Scene, Pacifist, Pantyhose, Person On Fire, Pistol, Police, Secret Identity, Semiautomatic Pistol, Severed Hand, Severed Leg, Shootout, Showdown, Stylized Violence, Super Strength, Superhero, Tough Girl, Tough Guy, Uzi, Video Game, Violence, Wire Fu, X Rayed Skeleton.


Micheal, a former test subject of a project to create supersoldiers, is forced to escape with his comrades after the project was cancelled. Months later, he is trying to have a quiet life as a librarian with a tough cop as his best friend. However, a string of vicious gangland murders begins that has all the markings of his former compatriots who seem to have turned to violent crime. Realizing that the police are helpless to fight these soldiers, Micheal decides to take them on himself. Donning a mask to protect his identity, Micheal must fight these powerful villians as the mysterious superhero known only as Black Mask.

Director(s): Daniel Lee,

Writer(s): Hark Tsui, Koan Hui, Teddy Chan, Joe Ma, Chi-Ming Pang, Ann Hui.
Producer(s): Hark Tsui. Teddy Chan. Tiffany Chen.


Studio: Distant Horizons, Film Workshop, Distant Horizons.

Origin: Hong Kong

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