Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996) IMDb

Hellraiser: Bloodline

01:25:00 | Horror | IMDb rating: 4.6

Keywords: Anti Christianity, Chain, Child In Peril, Decapitation, Demon, Demoness, Destiny, Eiffel Tower Paris, Female Nudity, Fourth Part, France, Good Versus Evil, Gore, Goth, Gothic, Heart In Hand, Hell, Hologram, Independent Film, Lifting Male In Air, Lifting Someone Into The Air, Manhattan New York City, Mirror, New York City, Occult Ritual, Outer Space, Pinhead, Puzzle Box, Reverse Footage, Sequel, Severed Head, Sitting, Slow Motion, Space Station, Speech, Strangulation, Surprise Ending, Telekinesis, Time Travel, Topless Female Nudity, World Trade Center Manhattan New York City, X Rayed Skeleton.


It's the year 2127. Pinhead, the evil cenobite of the series, has found himself on board a space station in outer space, run by scientist Dr.Merchant. Dr. Merchant's mission is to close the gates to hell forever. Because his ancestor, a toymaker in the 18th century, built the evil puzzlebox that opens the gates to hell. And through the generations, the family of the bloodline has tried to stop it. But now, Dr.Merchant has built the reverse box. The box that will close the gates to hell instead of opening it.

Director(s): Alan Smithee, Kevin Yagher,

Writer(s): Peter Atkins.
Producer(s): Paul Rich. Clive Barker. Anna C. Miller. Nancy Rae Stone.


Studio: Dimension Films, Miramax Films, Dimension Films.

Origin: USA

Budget: 4,000,000 $

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