Space Truckers (1996) IMDb

Space Truckers

01:35:00 | Adventure, Comedy | IMDb rating: 4.9

Keywords: Apology, Blue Collar, Chained, Country Music, Cryogenics, Cult Comedy, Cult Favorite, Cult Film, Cyborg, Explosion, Future, Futuristic, Hibernation, Hijack, Independent Film, Killer Robot, Marriage Proposal, Outer Space, Pig, Pirate, Raised Middle Finger, Robot, Scientist, Set In Future, Space Gun, Space Pirate, Space Ship, Spaceport, Spaceship, Spacesuit, Spacewalk, Truck, Truck Driver, Trucker, Waitress, Weapon, Zero Gravity.


John Canyon is one of the last independent space transport entrepreneurs. Rough times force him to carry suspicious cargo to Earth without questions being asked. During the flight the cargo turns out to be multitude of unstoppable and deadly killer robots.

Director(s): Stuart Gordon,

Writer(s): Stuart Gordon, Ted Mann, Ted Mann.
Producer(s): Guy Collins. Stephen Kaye. Stuart Gordon. Mary Breen-Farrelly. Alexander De Grunwald. Greg Johnson. Heidi Levitt. Ted Mann. Peter Newman. Morgan O'Sullivan. Marie Louise Queally.


Studio: Goldcrest Films International, InterAL, Investment Incentives for the Irish Film Industry, Mary Breen-Farrelly Productions, Pachyderm Production, Goldcrest Films International.

Origin: UK

Budget: 25,000,000 $

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