Electra (1996) IMDb


01:27:00 | Action, Thriller | IMDb rating: 3.2

Keywords: B Movie, Beautiful Woman, Cult Favorite, Dominatrix, Erotica, Female Nudity, Independent Film, Non Statutory Female On Male Rape, Older Woman Younger Man Relationship, Reference To Adam And Eve, Seductress, Serum, Sex With Stepmother, Spreadeagle, Superhuman Strength, Tragedy, Wheelchair Bound.


Billionaire named Roach desperately seeks for the secret serum which could turn an ordinary human into a superbeing. The serum is hidden in the body of young Billy Duncan. The serum can be transmitted via sexual intercourse, and that turns to be the basis of Roach's evil scheme.

Director(s): Julian Grant,

Writer(s): Damian Lee, Lou Aguilar.
Producer(s): Damian Lee. Ashok Amritraj. Nadia Day. John Gillespie. Helder Goncalves. Julian Grant.


Studio: Electra Film Productions Inc., Electra Film Productions Inc..

Origin: USA

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