Total Recall (1990) IMDb

Total Recall

01:53:00 | Action, Adventure | IMDb rating: 7.4

Keywords: Action Hero, Alien, Alien Technology, Ambiguity, Ambiguous Ending, Amnesia, Anti Hero, Aquarium, Asphyxiation, Axe, Axe Murder, Bar Fight, Based On Short Story, Betrayal, Black Comedy, Blockbuster, Blood, Brainwashing, Brawl, Brothel, Catacomb, Catfight, Chase, Class Differences, Commercial, Conspiracy, Construction Site, Construction Worker, Corruption, Credits As Currency, Crotch Grab, Cult Favorite, Cyberpunk, Deformity, Divorce, Dream, Drilling Machine, Dwarf, Dystopia, Elevator, Erased Memory, Evil Man, Exploding Car, Exploding Head, Explosive Decompression, Falling From Height, False Memory, Famous Line, Fist Fight, Future, Futuristic, Futuristic Train, Generator, Good Versus Evil, Gore, Hand To Hand Combat, Hero, Hero Killing Woman, Hero Kills A Woman, Hit In The Crotch, Hologram, Human Shield, Impalement, Impersonation, Implanted Memory, Jackhammer, Karate, Kicked In The Groin, Lack Of Oxygen, Machine Gun, Man Disguised As A Woman, Mars The Planet, Martial Arts, Megacorporation, Memory, Mine, Mining, Mountain, Murder, Murder Of Wife By Husband, Mutant, Mutation, Neck Breaking, Nightmare, On The Run, Opening Action Scene, Oppression, Outer Space, Oxygen, Pantsuit, Paranoia, Pill, Poetic Justice, Prejudice, Product Placement, Prostitute, Psychic, Punched In The Face, Racism, Raised Middle Finger, Rat, Rebellion, Redemption, Reference To George Washington, Reverse Footage, Robot, Secret Agent, Severed Arm, Shootout, Shot In The Forehead, Shot To Death, Showdown, Simulated Reality, Social Commentary, Sole Black Character Dies Cliche, Space Western, Spit In The Face, Stabbed In The Throat, Stabbed To Death, Subway, Suitcase, Surprise Ending, Surrealism, Taxi, Taxi Driver, Techne, Telepathy, Terraforming, Third Breast, Three Breasted Woman, Timebomb, Title Spoken By Character, Tough Girl, Tough Guy, Towel, Tracking Device, Train, Trans World Airline, Two Word Title, Underground Resistance, Utopia, Uzi, Vacation, Video Telephone, Villainess, Violence, Virtuality, Weapon, Woman Shot In The Forehead, X Rayed Skeleton.


Douglas Quaid is haunted by a recurring dream about a journey to Mars. He hopes to find out more about this dream and buys a holiday at Rekall Inc. where they sell implanted memories. But something goes wrong with the memory implantation and he remembers being a secret agent fighting against the evil Mars administrator Cohaagen. Now the story really begins and it's a rollercoaster ride until the massive end of the movie.

Director(s): Paul Verhoeven,

Writer(s): Philip K. Dick, Ronald Shusett, Ronald Shusett, Dan O'Bannon, Dan O'Bannon, Jon Povill, Gary Goldman.
Producer(s): Buzz Feitshans. Robert Fentress. Mario Kassar. Elliot Schick. Ronald Shusett. Andrew G. Vajna.


Studio: Carolco International N.V., Carolco Pictures, Carolco International N.V..

Origin: USA

Budget: 50,000,000 $

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