Die Sturzflieger (1995) IMDb

Die Sturzflieger

01:57:00 | Comedy | IMDb rating: 3.3

Keywords: Cyborg, Fortune Hunter.


Rio Kowalski is a merchant and runs a starship along with his cyborg Max. As times aren't well he must take passengers on his freighter. When the undestroyable and multi-million dollar insured starship Titanius is stranded Rio sees his time has come. He would just have to manage to be the first to find the Titanius. However first he has to get rid of his passengers...

Director(s): Peter F. Bringmann,

Writer(s): Matthias Seelig.
Producer(s): Günter Rohrbach. Veith von Fürstenberg. Alexander Wesemann.


Studio: Bavaria Film, Bavaria Film.

Origin: Germany

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