Tank Girl (1995) IMDb

Tank Girl

01:44:00 | Action, Comedy | IMDb rating: 4.8

Keywords: Based On Comic, Based On Comic Book, Battle, Battlefield, Character Name In Title, Combat, Desert, Explosion, Female Fighter, Female Martial Artist, Female Protagonist, Female Warrior, Future, Hand To Hand Combat, Heroine, Hologram, Jet, Kangaroo, Lesbian Innuendo, Martial Arts, Near Future, Parachute, Part Animated, Post Apocalypse, Quicksand, Reference To Cole Porter, Reincarnation, Sexual Harassment, Shootout, Tank, Villain, Violence, Wasteland.


Tank Girl (Rebecca) and her friends are the only remaining citizens living in the wasteland that is Earth, where all the remaining water is controlled by Water and Power, the mega corporation/government that runs the territory. While incarcerated at W + P, Tank Girl and her new friend Jet Girl break out and steal... a tank and a jet. After meeting some mutant kangaroo/humans, and rescuing her little girl (adopted by her friends), the kangaroos and the girls kick Water and Powers' butt.

Director(s): Rachel Talalay,

Writer(s): Alan Martin, Jamie Hewlett, Tedi Sarafian.
Producer(s): Aron Warner. Tom Astor. Pen Densham. Richard Barton Lewis. Christian L. Rehr. John Watson.


Studio: Trilogy Entertainment Group.

Origin: USA

Budget: 25,000,000 $

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