Powder (1995) IMDb


01:51:00 | Drama, Fantasy, Mystery | IMDb rating: 6.2

Keywords: Albino, Animal Killing, Baldness, Bare Butt, Bare Chested Male, Beating, Bully, Bus, Cafeteria, Cancer, Carnival, Character Name In Title, Chase, Christ Allegory, Clothes Ripping, Coma, Conference Room, Country House, Cult Favorite, Date, Dead Animal, Death, Defibrillation, Depression, Disappearance, Doctor, Drawing, Dream, Electricity, Electrocution, Extrasensory Perception, Fainting, Flashback, Flickering Light, Forest, Friendship, Genius, Grandfather Grandson Relationship, Guilt, Gym, Healing Power, Held At Gunpoint, High School, Homophobia, Hospital, Humiliation, Hunting, Husband Wife Relationship, Intolerance, Jacobs Ladder, Kicked In The Butt, Levitation, Loneliness, Looking Pale, Love Interest, Magnet, Male Rear Nudity, Mother Son Relationship, Mud Puddle, Mutant, Paramedic, Paranormal Phenomena, Psionic Power, Redhead, Reference To Einstein, Remorse, Revenge, Rifle, Science Teacher, Sheriff, Shot To Death, Sick Wife, Spoon, Struck By Lightning, Suicide By Lightning, Suitcase, Sunglasses, Teacher Student Relationship, Teenage Boy, Teenage Girl, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Tragic Event, Walkie Talkie.


When sheriff Barnum investigates the death of an elderly rural resident, he discovers a teenage grandson living in the basement. Raised by his grandparents, he has experienced the world only through books, never leaving the family farm. He is sent to a state home for boys where he has trouble fitting in socially. His odd appearance and unusual abilities cause the small town residents to fear and ridicule him. However, not all are afraid. Some begin to view his potential and gifts with wonderment.

Director(s): Victor Salva,

Writer(s): Victor Salva.
Producer(s): Daniel Grodnik. Roger Birnbaum. Riley Kathryn Ellis. Dennis Stuart Murphy. Robert Snukal.


Studio: Caravan Pictures, Daniel Grodnik Productions, Caravan Pictures.

Origin: USA

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