Species (1995) IMDb


01:48:00 | Horror | IMDb rating: 5.7

Keywords: Abduction, Alien, Alien As Woman, Alien DNA, Assassin, Attraction, Babe Scientist, Bag, Bare Breasts, Bathroom, Beautiful Woman, Bed, Bisexual, Bisexuality, Blood, Blood Bath, Bound And Gagged, Bra, Breeding, Broken Glass, Brutality, Chase, Childbirth, Cloning, Cocoon, Cruelty, Dead Girl, Dead Man, Decapitation, Desire, DNA, Domination, Dying During Sex, Elevator, Experiment Gone Wrong, Female Frontal Nudity, Female Full Frontal Nudity, Female Nudity, Female Rear Nudity, Femme Fatale, Fish Out Of Water, Flamethrower, Genetics, Girl, Gore, Helicopter, Hitman, Human Alien, Interspecies Sex, Killing, Kiss, Kissing, Leg Spreading, Lesbian, Long Tongue, Male Nudity, Male Rape, Male Rear Nudity, Mass Killing, Mating Instinct, Mercilessness, Mirror, Monster, Morphing, Mysterious Death, Nipples, Nudity, Obsession, One Night Stand, Oral Sex, Panties, Paranoia, Part Computer Animation, Passion, Psychic Power, Rape, Rape Victim, Regeneration, Reverse Footage, Room, Rough Sex, Sadism, Science, Scientist, Screaming, Secret Government Organisation, Seduction, Sensuality, Seti, Severed Finger, Severed Thumb, Sewer, Sex, Sex In A Swimming Pool, Sex With An Alien, Sex With An Alien Woman, Sexual Assault, Sexual Attraction, Sexual Desire, Sexual Obsession, Shape Shifting Alien, Stabbed In The Head, Stripping, Swimming Pool, Telepath, Thong, Title Spoken By Character, Tongue, Topless Female Nudity, Train, Underwear, Undressing, Unfaithfulness, Upskirt, Villainess, Villainess Played By Lead Actress, Violence Against A Child, Voyeur, Voyeurism, Water, Woman Initiating Sex, Woman On Top, World Domination.


In 1993, the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence Project receives a transmission detailing an alien DNA structure, along with instructions on how to splice it with human DNA. The result is Sil, a sensual but deadly creature who can change from a beautiful woman to an armour-plated killing machine in the blink of an eye. Government agent Xavier Fitch assembles a team of scientists and mercenaries to locate and destroy Sil before she manages to find a mate and breed.

Director(s): Roger Donaldson,

Writer(s): Dennis Feldman.
Producer(s): Mark Egerton. Dennis Feldman. Frank Mancuso Jr.. David Streit.


Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM).

Origin: USA

Budget: 35,000,000 $

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