Legion of the Night (1995) IMDb

01:25:00 | Action, Horror | IMDb rating: 4.8

Keywords: B Movie, Independent Film, Mad Scientist, Mob, Zombie.


A brilliant scientist experiments with dead tissue regeneration, leading to organized crime making use of the creations as Ultimate Killing Machines! The doctor is blackmailed into creating "Cybernetic Zombie Assassins" (C.Z.A.'s) to carry out mob hits on rival gangsters. The scientist is killed when one of the hits goes wrong. The scientist's assistant then teams up with the doctor's son, and they send the C.Z.A.'s on a mission of revenge against the mob boss. A glitch, however, causes the monsters to go on a killing rampage throughout the city. The son is forced to go after the C.Z.A.'s, and he is nearly killed. He then decides, if you can't beat them, join them! He is brought back as a C.Z.A. to face off against the remaining zombies - leading to a showdown between "the ultimate killing machines"!

Director(s): Matt Jaissle,

Writer(s): Matt Jaissle.
Producer(s): Matt Jaissle. Dan Sales. Todd Tjersland.


Studio: Cinequanon, Cinequanon Pictures International Inc., Kashmir Motion Pictures, Cinequanon.

Origin: USA

Budget: 80,000 $

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