Future Zone (1990) IMDb

Future Zone

01:22:00 | Action, Crime | IMDb rating: 3.7

Keywords: Bounty Hunter, Car Chase, Explosion, Father Son Relationship, Fist Fight, Gang, Independent Film, Sequel, Shootout, Time Travel, Violence.


Legendary bounty hunter John Tucker is about to face the most dangerous ordeal of his career. But luckily, he's armed with his most powerful weapon yet--his grown son Billy, who has traveled back in time to save him from the city's most brutal gang of criminals.

Director(s): David A. Prior,

Writer(s): David A. Prior.
Producer(s): Kimberley Casey. Regina Salzberg Hulkower. Gail Jensen. Bruce Lewin. Manoj Parekh. David Winters.


Studio: Winters Hollywood Entertainment Holdings Corporation.

Origin: USA

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