Rupan sansei: Kutabare! Nastradamus (1995) IMDb

Rupan sansei: Kutabare! Nastradamus

01:40:00 | Action, Adventure, Animation | IMDb rating: 6.9

Keywords: Amazon, Amnesia, Anime, Brazil, Character Name In Title, Child, Conspiracy, Diamond, Doll, Girl, Gun, Helicopter, Hijacker, Interpol, Kidnapped Child, Kidnapping, Little Girl, Marksman, Mischievous Child, Plastic Explosive, Precocious Child, Presidential Candidate, Prison On Island, Prophecy, Religious Cult, Rescue, Samurai, Security System, Skyscraper, Soccer, Surrealism, Terrorist, Thief, Time Bomb, Tower Of Babel.


Richard Nixon builds the Tower of Bable, but is being undermined by the Nostradamus cult. His daughter is kidnapped by an animated version of Benny "The Jet", but Japan's greatest thief, Lupin III, saves the day. Goemon defeats the Brazilian soccer team along the way.

Director(s): Shunya Ito, Takeshi Shirado, Nobuo Tomizawa,

Writer(s): Monkey Punch, Monkey Punch.
Producer(s): Gen Fukunaga. Hidehiko Takei.


Studio: Nippon Television Music (NTVM) K.K., Nippon Television Network Corporation (NTV), NTV Services, NTV Video Corporation, Tokyo Movie Shinsha (TMS), Nippon Television Music (NTVM) K.K..

Origin: Japan

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