I buchi neri (1995) IMDb

I buchi neri

01:37:00 | Comedy, Drama, Romance | IMDb rating: 6.0

Keywords: Chick, Dream, Driver, Egg, Female Nudity, Garbage, Homosexual, Masturbation, Murder, Napoli, Peeping Tom, Prison, Prostitute, Prostitution, Sex, Sexual Fantasy, Suburb.


Adamo comes back to his hometown after his mom's death. He finds a job as a lorry driver. Working on the street he meets Angela who "works" with other four prostitutes on the street. Angela and Adamo fall in love with each other. Their love is impossible because Adamo is a homosexual but they find a way to make love the same. When Adamo knows Adelaide, he is involved also in a murder. In the horrible suburb of Napoli we can follow among fantasy, mythology and reality the absurd life of the protagonists till the final metaphoric transformation.

Director(s): Pappi Corsicato,

Writer(s): Pappi Corsicato.
Producer(s): Maurizio Amati. Aurelio De Laurentiis.


Studio: Filmauro, Filmauro.

Origin: Italy

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