Cyber Bandits (1995) IMDb

Cyber Bandits

01:26:00 | Adventure, Crime | IMDb rating: 4.3

Keywords: Actual Animal Killed, Beautiful Woman, Cult Favorite, Female Nudity, Independent Film, Snake, Tattoo, Virtual Reality.


A navigator aboard a millionaire's yacht, Jack Morris discovers that the millionaire's mistress has stolen the data for his secret Virtual Reality. To escape, they encrypt, miniaturize, and tattoo the data onto Jack's PL:back. The pair share a VR adventure on the run from the Millionaire's thugs, meeting up with a wild series of characters.

Director(s): Erik Fleming,

Writer(s): James Robinson, James Robinson, James Goldman.
Producer(s): Paul Colichman. Miles A. Copeland III. Albert T. Dickerson III. Christopher Buchanan. Lila Cazès. Lilli Rouleau.


Studio: Cyberfilms Inc., IRS Media, Cyberfilms Inc..

Origin: USA

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