Pet Shop (1995) IMDb

00:00:00 | Family | IMDb rating: 3.4

Keywords: Alien, Arizona, Brother Sister Relationship, Father Daughter Relationship, Father Son Relationship, Independent Film, Mafia, Mob Boss, Mother Daughter Relationship, Mother Son Relationship, Pet, Pet Shop, Plumber, Sheriff, Witness Protection Program.


Kids' film about a couple of aliens who come to earth and open up a pet shop in an attempt to try and eat some of earth's children for dinner.

Director(s): Hope Perello,

Writer(s): Brent V. Friedman, Mark Goldstein, Greg Suddeth, Pete von Sholly.
Producer(s): Charles Band. Debra Dion. Albert Band. Keith S. Payson. Pete von Sholly. Kim Flagg. Baudouin Struye.


Studio: Full Moon Entertainment, Full Moon Entertainment.

Origin: USA

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