Droid Gunner (1995) IMDb

Droid Gunner

01:30:00 | Action | IMDb rating: 2.5

Keywords: Android, Beautiful Woman, Bounty Hunter, Exploitation, Female Nudity, Futuristic, Independent Film.


In the future, the threat of global takeover by cyborg units has forced Earth to outlaw their use. But when four female androids are smuggled to Earth, Jack Ford is assigned to track them down. An adventurous chase takes him from the mean streets of Phoenix to the depths of New Angeles, an underwater city, and into the diabolical clutches of a maniacal kingpin and his criminal army.

Director(s): Fred Olen Ray,

Writer(s): William C. Martell.
Producer(s): Roger Corman. Fred Olen Ray. Cynthia H. Margulis. Andrew Stevens.


Studio: New Horizon Picture Corp, New Horizon Picture Corp.

Origin: USA

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