Heatseeker (1995) IMDb

01:31:00 | Action, Drama | IMDb rating: 2.9

Keywords: Android, Bare Butt, Cyborg, Female Nudity, Fight To The Death, Homoerotic Fight, Homoeroticism, Independent Film, Kickboxing, Las Vegas Nevada, Male Nudity, Martial Arts, Men In Underwear, Misogyny, Nudity, Scantily Clad Men Fighting, Speedo.


A kickboxer declines an invitation to participate in a kickboxing championship where a company plans to plant cyborg-enhanced fighters. When he declines, the company kidnaps his fiancée forcing his participation.

Director(s): Albert Pyun,

Writer(s): Albert Pyun, Albert Pyun, Christopher Borkgren.
Producer(s): Tom Karnowski. Gary Schmoeller. Jessica G. Budin. Paul Rosenblum. Ray Zimmerman.


Studio: Filmwerks, Filmwerks.

Origin: USA

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