Shadow Warriors (1995) IMDb

Shadow Warriors

01:29:00 | | IMDb rating: 3.9

Keywords: B Movie, Boat, Cyborg, Cyborg Plan, Gun, Helicopter, Independent Film, Kickboxing, Mi 24 Hind Helicopter.


It began as an experiment. The ultimate bodyguard - half man, half machine - programmed to do anything. Anything! Global Cybernetics, Inc. is making technological history. They can create a bio-mechanical, plasma-driven, Techno-Sapien - the best security system money can buy. But building one requires a human corpse. And when GCI's bodyguard, Taylor is mysteriously gunned down, he becomes the company's 7.4 million dollar prototype, the "TS-4." At the "TS-4's" unveiling, worldwide demand is immediate. Driven by greed, company chairman, Dr. Connors secretly programs a new model to hunt down other superior humans for Techno-Sapien mass production. His sinister plan is revealed when Security Council head, Barkeley, discovers a missing and dead, well-known athlete in an activation unit. Chairman Connors frantically sends his Techno-Sapien on a killing spree to destroy the entire company...

Director(s): Lamar Card,

Writer(s): Phyllis Chase, Steven A. Finly, Nicolas T. Kimaz.
Producer(s): Jeff Begun. Rached Assouma. Wassim Assouma. Steven A. Finly. Nicolas T. Kimaz. John Reed. Kerim Salguereev. Alex Strelkov.


Studio: Steven Finly Productions.

Origin: USA

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