Vampire Vixens from Venus (1995) IMDb

Vampire Vixens from Venus

01:30:00 | Comedy, Horror | IMDb rating: 3.8

Keywords: Alien, Beautiful Woman, Buxom, Cult Comedy, Female Nudity, Female Vampire, Independent Film, Nudity, Vampire.


Three Venusians land on Earth and transform themselves into beautiful buxom babes, then go about their task of sucking the life force out of unsuspecting males. Their disguises are a propos since the life force is more valuable when extracted at a moment of extreme sexual excitement. Meanwhile, Detective Oakenshield bumbles his way into the investigation of the dessicated bodies while trying to impress his new partner Jack and his new love interest Shampay.

Director(s): Ted A. Bohus,

Writer(s): Ted A. Bohus.
Producer(s): Ted A. Bohus. Ron Giannotto. Danny Provenzano. Ralph Ianuzzi.


Studio: Austin Film Group, Austin Film Group.

Origin: USA

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