Virtuosity (1995) IMDb


01:46:00 | Action, Crime | IMDb rating: 5.4

Keywords: Android, Arm Blown Off, Artificial Arm, Badge, Bare Chested Male, Beaten To Death, Blood, Body Scanner, Bomb, Booby Trap, Bound And Gagged, Camera, Car Chase, Cemetery, Chalk, Chase, Chess, Child In Peril, Child Murder, Cigarette Smoking, Convict, Corpse, Cyberpunk, Death Of Child, Death Of Daughter, Death Of Wife, Disco, Dismemberment, Electrocution, Evil Computer, Ex Cop, Explosion, Falling From Height, Falling To Death, Filmed Killing, Finger Cut Off, Flashback, Fragments Of Glass, Future, Gay Actor, Good Versus Evil, Gun In Mouth, Hairy Chest, Hand Through Head, Handcuffs, Held At Gunpoint, Helicopter, Hologram, Homophobic Overtones, Hostage, Impalement, Implant, Insanity, Japanese Restaurant, Jumping Off A Bridge, Kicked In The Face, Kicking In A Door, Kidnapping, Lapd, Lasersight, Lifted By The Throat, Los Angeles California, Machine Gun, Male Rear Nudity, Masochism, Metamorphosis, Metro, Motel, Mother Daughter Relationship, Murder, Murder Of Family, Nanomachine, Nanotechnology, Neck Breaking, News Report, Nightclub, Obscene Finger Gesture, One Word Title, Pistol, Poetic Justice, Poison, Police Officer Killed, Prison, Prison Fight, Punched In The Crotch, Punched In The Face, Punched In The Stomach, Raised Middle Finger, Reference To Charles Manson, Reference To The Three Stooges, Regeneration, Sadism, Sadist, Self Mutilation, Serial Killer, Severed Arm, Severed Finger, Severed Leg, Shiv, Shootout, Shot In The Arm, Shot In The Back, Shot In The Chest, Shot In The Forehead, Shot In The Hand, Shot In The Leg, Shot In The Shoulder, Shot To Death, Shotgun, Simulation, Slow Motion Scene, Snake, Stolen Police Car, Subway, Terrorist, Thrown From A Rooftop, Thrown Through A Window, TV Station, TV Studio, Video Screen, Violence, Virtual Character Come To Life, Virtual Reality, Woman In Bra And Panties, Writing In Blood.


The Law Enforcement Technology Advancement Centre (LETAC) has developed SID version 6.7: a Sadistic, Intelligent, and Dangerous virtual reality entity which is synthesized from the personalities of more than 150 serial killers. LETAC would like to train police officers by putting them in VR with SID, but they must prove the concept by using prisoners as test subjects. One such prisoner is ex-cop Parker Barnes. When SID manages to inject his personality into a nano-machine android, it appears that Barnes might be the only one who can stop him.

Director(s): Brett Leonard,

Writer(s): Eric Bernt.
Producer(s): Gimel Everett. Hawk Koch. Gary Lucchesi. Robert McMinn.


Studio: Paramount Pictures.

Origin: USA

Budget: 30,000,000 $

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