Terminal City Ricochet (1990) IMDb

01:47:00 | Comedy | IMDb rating: 6.0

Keywords: Absurdism, Activist, Advertisement, Advertising, Amnesia, Anti Conformity, Apathy, Apocalypse, Arrest, Bath, Bathtub, Betrayal, Black Comedy, Blood, Blood Spatter, Brainwashing, Candidate, Capitalism, Capitalist Society, Censorship, Chase, Citizen Uprising, Cocaine, Cocaine Snorting, Cocaine Use, Conspiracy, Consumer, Consumerism, Corruption, Cow, Cult Comedy, Cult Favorite, Cult Film, Death, Demonstration, Disinformation, Dog, Dream, Dream Sequence, Drifter, Drug Use, Dystopia, Election, Election Day, Escape, Escape From Prison, Experiment Gone Wrong, Explosion, Fake Commercial, Faked Death, Falling Space Junk, False Accusation, Father Figure, Father Son Relationship, Fellatio, Fictional Reality Show, Fictional Talk Show, Food, Foot Chase, Frame Up, Framed, Fugitive, Future, Goalie, Government, Government Conspiracy, Graffiti, Greed, Gun, Handcuffs, Head Blown Off, Headline, Headline Montage, Held At Gunpoint, Hidden Truth, Hockey, Hockey Player, Hockey Stick, Independent Film, Interview, Jail, Jail Cell, Junk, Kidnapping, Kneed In The Groin, Leader, Leadership, Loss Of Memory, Low Budget Film, Mad Scientist, Man Hunt, Mass Media, Materialism, Meat, Media, Media Manipulation, Memory, Money, Motorcycle, Newscast, Newspaper Headline, Newspaper Headline Montage, Nutrition, On The Run, Oppression, Orwellian, Outlaw, Party, Pessimism, Pirate Broadcasting, Pirate Television, Police, Police Brutality, Police Officer Killed, Police State, Policeman, Political Repression, Political Satire, Politician, Politics, Post Apocalypse, Poverty, Power, Prison, Prison Break, Prison Cell, Prisoner, Propaganda, Punched In The Face, Punk, Punk Girl, Punk Music, Punk Rock Music, Punk Rocker, Radical, Rally, Reality Show, Recording, Resistance Movement, Ritual, Rock, Rock Band, Rock Music, Satanic Ritual, Satanism, Satire, Scientist, Shooting, Shot In The Chest, Shot In The Head, Shot To Death, Shotgun, Social Commentary, Song, Space Junk, Speech, Stepfather, Technology, Telephone Call, Television, Television Addiction, Television Screen, Television Set, Television Studio, Torture, Totalitarian, Totalitarianism, Traitor, TV Audience, TV News, Underground, Underground Film, Urination, Van, Violence, Watching A Movie, Watching TV.


Welcome to Terminal City, a decaying world where the citizens wallow amidst a mind-boggling profusion of discarded consumer goods; a ruthless world where television is exploited to its fullest to sell yet more needless junk to eager consumers; a bewildering land where the unreal is real and the real, unreal. Alex Stevens is hurled into this bedlam where he finds himself pitted against the maniacal Ross Gilmore, Mayor of Terminal City, and the evil Bruce Coddle, agent of Gilmore's Social Peace Enforcement Unit.

Director(s): Zale Dalen,

Writer(s): Bill Mullan, Al Thurgood, John Conti, Phil Savath, Ken Lester.
Producer(s): John Conti. Elizabeth Friesen. Dan Howard. Brian Leslie Parker.


Studio: DC Productions, E. Motion Films, DC Productions.

Origin: Canada

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