The Demolitionist (1995) IMDb

The Demolitionist

01:40:00 | Action, Thriller | IMDb rating: 3.9

Keywords: Independent Film, Lasersight, Police, Police Officer, Police Officer Killed, Policeman.


A murdered police officer is brought back to life by a cold-hearted scientist to serve as "The Demolitionist", the ultimate crime-fighting weapon in a city overrun by criminals and internal corruption.

Director(s): Robert Kurtzman,

Writer(s): Brian DiMuccio, Anne Kurtzman, Robert Kurtzman, Dino Vindeni.
Producer(s): Donald P. Borchers. Robert E. Baruc. John Esposito. John Fremes. Anne Kurtzman.


Studio: A-Pix Entertainment, Le Monte Entertainment, A-Pix Entertainment.

Origin: USA

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