Night of the Scarecrow (1995) IMDb

01:25:00 | Horror | IMDb rating: 4.8

Keywords: Animate Doll, Curse, Demon, Evil Doll, Female Nudity, Independent Film, Killer Scarecrow, Scarecrow, Warlock.


A group of drunk teenagers accidently set free the spirit of a warlock, which possesses a scarecrow. The scarecrow goes on a bloody rampage killing the descendents of the men who had killed the warlock a century before. A newcomer and the daughter of the mayor try to stop it before it is too late and the warlock can reincarnate...

Director(s): Jeff Burr,

Writer(s): Reed Steiner, Dan Mazur.
Producer(s): Barry Bernardi. Steven Tyler Sahlein.


Studio: Republic Pictures (II), Republic Pictures (II).

Origin: USA

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