Baak bin sing gwan (1995) IMDb

Baak bin sing gwan

01:32:00 | Comedy, Fantasy | IMDb rating: 6.1

Keywords: Bathroom, Bionics, Cyborg, Dance Contest, Dance Restaurant, Diner, Drug Overdose, Drugs, Foot Massage, Helicopter, Hitman, Injection, Katana Sword, Mafia, Magic, Magician, Noodle, Public Humiliation, Revenge, Robot, School, School Principal, School Sport, School Uniform, Schoolgirl Uniform, Schoolyard Fight, Science, Science Experiment, Surrealism, Swimming Baths, Swimming Pool, Swimsuit, Sword, Taxi, Violence, Volkswagen, Volleyball.


Stephen Chow plays a rich playboy who is blown up by a mafia boss when he flirts with the boss's girl. Through a series of circumstances his professor makes him a synthetic (robotic) body that allows him to change into a variety of "Mrs. Wong's Household products" like a microwave and toothpaste. Chow eventually goes to work at a school notorious for it's rowdy students and singlehandledly disciplines them all. He then goes on to marry a former classmate played by Gigi Leung. But before the wedding happens, the mafia boss finds out that Chow is still alive and sends in his own human-robot to take Chow out for once and for all.

Director(s): Jing Wong, Wai Man Yip,

Writer(s): Wai Man Yip.
Producer(s): Jing Wong.


Studio: Win's Entertainment Ltd..

Origin: Hong Kong

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