Strange Days (1995) IMDb

Strange Days

02:25:00 | Action, Crime, Drama | IMDb rating: 7.1

Keywords: 1990s, 8 Track, Action Noir, Apartment, Bagpipes, Bar, Bare Breasts, Bathroom, Beach, Beating, Beretta, Betrayal, Black Panties, Blindfold, Blood, Blood On Shirt, Blood Spatter, Body Landing On A Car, Brain Dead, Brawl, Bulletproof Vest, Car Chase, Car Set On Fire, Cell Phone, Chaos, Chase, Choked To Death, Christmas, Church, Cigarette Smoking, Cocaine Snorting, Color Blindness, Compact Disc, Computer, Conspiracy, Corpse, Corrupt Cop, Corrupt Police, Corruption, Crotch Shot, Crucifix, Cyberpunk, Death, Deception, Dirty Cop, Disarming Someone, Dog, Double Cross, Dystopia, Electrocution, Elevator, End Of The Millenium, Ex Cop, Exploding Car, Face Slap, Falling From Height, Female Nudity, Femme Fatale, Fight, Fire, Fireworks, First Person, Fist Fight, Flare, Flashback, Flashlight, Foot Chase, Future, Future Noir, Gasoline, Gun In Mouth, Hand To Hand Combat, Handcuffs, Hate Crime, Held At Gunpoint, Helicopter, Hip Hop, Hit With A Chair, Hotel, Hustler, Interracial Friendship, Interracial Kiss, Interracial Relationship, Interracial Romance, Jumping From A Rooftop, Kicked In The Chest, Killer Cop, Kitchen, Knife, Lesbian, Lesbian Sex, Lesbianism, Limousine, Lizard, Lock Pick, Los Angeles California, Mace, Machine Gun, Man Hits A Woman, Martial Arts, Mass Murder, Memory, Military, Millenarism, Mime, Mirror, Mother Son Relationship, Motorcycle, Murder, Music Producer, Neo Noir, News Report, Nightclub, No Opening Credits, Opening Action Scene, Panties, Panties Slip, Paranoia, Party, Pay Phone, Pistol, Police, Police Brutality, Police Commissioner, Police Officer Killed, Police Violence, Private Detective, Product Placement, Prostitute, Prostitution, Psycho Cop, Psychopath, Pump Action Shotgun, Punched In The Face, Racial Slur, Racial Violence, Racism, Rain, Rap Star, Rape, Rape Slay, Rapist, Restaurant, Revenge, Revolver, Revolving Door, Riot, Robbery, Rock, Rock Singer, Rollerblading, Rooftop, Science, Security Camera, Semiautomatic Pistol, Sex, Sexual Fantasy, Shootout, Shot In The Back, Shot In The Chest, Shot In The Forehead, Shot In The Head, Shot In The Shoulder, Shot Through The Mouth, Shot To Death, Shotgun, Showdown, Silencer, Snuff Film, Soldier, Spiral Staircase, Stabbed In The Back, Strangulation, Subway, Suicide, Surprise Ending, Surrealism, Surveillance, SWAT Team, Swimming Pool, Switchblade, Tank, Taser, Tech Noir, Telescope, Television, Thong, Title Directed By Female, Train, Undercover, Underwater Scene, Video, Videotape, Villainess, Violence, Violence Against Women, Virtual Reality, Vomit, White Male Black Female Relationship, Wig, Woman Fights A Man.


Set in the year 1999 during the last days of the old millenium, the movie tells the story of Lenny Nero, an ex-cop who now deals with data-discs containing recorded memories and emotions. One day he receives a disc which contains the memories of a murderer killing a prostitute. Lenny investigates and is pulled deeper and deeper in a whirl of blackmail, murder and rape. Will he survive and solve the case?

Director(s): Kathryn Bigelow,

Writer(s): James Cameron, James Cameron, Jay Cocks.
Producer(s): Lawrence Kasanoff. James Cameron. Steven-Charles Jaffe. Rae Sanchini. Ira Shuman.


Studio: Lightstorm Entertainment.

Origin: USA

Budget: 42,000,000 $

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