Syngenor (1990) IMDb


01:38:00 | Horror | IMDb rating: 4.3

Keywords: B Movie, Corporate Greed, Corporation, Creature Feature, Cult Classic, Cult Favorite, Female Nudity, Gore, Independent Film, Monster, One Word Title, Police Officer Killed, Prototype, Security Guard, Surprise Ending, Uncle Niece Relationship, Unofficial Sequel.


A scientist engineers a group of genetically engineered cyborgs for use as "supersoldiers" to fight U.S. wars in the Middle East. However, things get ugly when the cyborgs malfunction and turn on their creators.

Director(s): George Elanjian Jr.,

Writer(s): Michael Carmody, Brent V. Friedman.
Producer(s): William G. Dunn. Marcel R. Elanjian. Jack F. Murphy. Eldon Nygaard.


Studio: American Cinema Marketing.

Origin: USA

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