The Mangler (1995) IMDb

The Mangler

01:46:00 | Horror, Thriller | IMDb rating: 3.5

Keywords: Anti Capitalism, B Movie, Based On Short Story, Brother In Law, Crushed To Death, Cult Director, Cult Horror, Cut In Half, Factory, First Of Series, Gore, Grand Guignol, Independent Film, Living Machine, Machine Monster, Severed Arm, Severed Finger, Stephen King, Supernatural, Voodoo.


Detective John Hunton is investigating an iron folding machine that has found a taste for eating people. While he tries to solve the mystery, Bill Gartley, the owner, wants to find new victims for his machine.

Director(s): Tobe Hooper,

Writer(s): Harry Alan Towers, Stephen King, Tobe Hooper, Stephen David Brooks.
Producer(s): Harry Alan Towers. Kent Adamson. Rita Marie Bartlett. Sudhir Pragjee. Anant Singh. Sanjeev Singh. Helena Spring.


Studio: Allied Film Production, Distant Horizons, Filmex Pty. Ltd., Allied Film Production.

Origin: USA

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