Prison Planet 2: The Armageddon (1994) IMDb

00:00:00 | Action, Comedy | IMDb rating: 6.6

Keywords: Exile, Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Ninja.


Zak and Rob work as the King's personal chefs on the Planet Wheeler. Unfortunately, they botch the King's pizza and are banished to the horrible Prison Planet. On the Prison Planet, Zak and Rob must fight for their lives against murderous thugs and ninjas. The only way to get off the Prison Planet is to defeat the Evil Lord and take his spaceship.

Director(s): Robert Colin Boyd, Evan Jacobson, Zak Neathamer,

Writer(s): Robert Colin Boyd, Zak Neathamer.
Producer(s): Robert Colin Boyd. Zak Neathamer.



Origin: USA

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