Frankenstein (1994) IMDb


02:03:00 | Drama, Horror, Romance | IMDb rating: 6.3

Keywords: 1700s, Acupuncture, Adopted Sister, Alive, Amniotic Fluid, Angry Mob, Anti Villain, Apprentice, Arctic, Arctic Ocean, Attacked By Patient, Author Name In Title, Based On Novel, Birth Defects, Blind Man, Blindness, Blood, Boat, Body Part, Body Snatching, Bone Saw, Bound In Chains, Box Office Flop, Brain, Bride, Buttocks, Cadaver, Chains, Character Name In Title, Child Murder, Childbirth, Cholera, Confrontation, Covered In Blood, Creator Creation Relationship, Dancing, Dead Body, Dead Child, Death, Decapitation, Directed By Star, Distrust Of Doctors, Doctor, Eating Garbage, Electric Eel, Electricity, Engagement, Escape, Ethics, Experiment, Experiment Gone Wrong, False Accusation, False Start, Flee Big City, Flute, Forest, Friend, Frozen, Funeral Pyre, Geneva Switzerland, Germany, Gothic, Gothic Horror, Grabbed By Collar, Grave Robbing, Graveyard, Harpsichord, Heart In Hand, Heart Ripped Out, Horror Movie Remake, Husky Dog, Ice, Immolation, Immortality, Isolated Place, Laboratory, Landlord, Lightning, Little Brother, Locket, Loss Of Mother, Lynching, Mad Professor, Mad Scientist, Male Female Relationship, Male Frontal Nudity, Malfunction, Man With No Name, Medical School, Mentor, Missing Child, Mob, Mob Scene, Monkey Arm, Monster As Victim, Mountain, Murder, Obsession, One Word Title, Orphan, Peasant, Peg Leg, Penis, Pierced With Needle, Pig, Pistol, Planning A Wedding, Playing God, Pregnancy, Preservation, Professor, Public Hanging, Quarantine, Raising The Dead, Re Animate, Reference To Albertus Magnus, Reference To Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Reincarnation, Rejected, Rescue, Research, Revenge, Scarred Face, Science, Science Runs Amok, Scientist, Sea Storm, Search Party, Secret Notes, Secret Plot, Secret Project, Sending Letters, Sin, Slicing, Smoke Filled Room, Snow, Snowman, Stabbed, Stabbing, Steampunk, Stepbrother Stepsister Relationship, Suicide, Super Strength, Swiss, Swiss Alps, Title Spoken By Character, Toad, Turnip, University, University Student, Vaccination, Violence, Vitruvian Man, Wedding Gown, Weird Science, Wet Floor, Woman Hanged, Year 1794.


Dr. Frankenstein creates a simple creature from various body parts. The creature turns into a monster when Dr. Frankenstein rejects him. Sticking close to the original novel, Kenneth Branagh guides us through the story of Frankenstein's quest for knowledge and his creature's search for his "father".

Director(s): Kenneth Branagh,

Writer(s): Mary Shelley, Steph Lady, Frank Darabont.
Producer(s): Fred Fuchs. David Barron. Kenneth Branagh. Francis Ford Coppola. Robert De Niro. James V. Hart. Jeff Kleeman. David Parfitt. John Veitch.


Studio: American Zoetrope, IndieProd Company Productions, Japan Satellite Broadcasting (JBS), American Zoetrope.

Origin: USA

Budget: 45,000,000 $

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