Replikator (1994) IMDb

00:00:00 | | IMDb rating: 2.9

Keywords: Cloning, Corporate Espionage, Cult Favorite, Dystopic Future, Eugenics, Female Full Frontal Nudity, Helicopter, Independent Film, Neo Noir, Porn Star, Virtual Reality.


Two companies are competing to develop equipment that can replicate any kind of material, including human tissue. However, one of the companies has more plans for this machine, and more resources to block the other company from succeeding. The movie is set in a future earth with no ozone layer and a peculiar justice system.

Director(s): Philip Jackson,

Writer(s): Michelle Bellerose, John Dawson, Tony Johnston.
Producer(s): Doug Dales. Philip Jackson. Mark Terry. Daniel D'Or. David McGuire. Howard E. Warren. Mark Winemaker.


Studio: Producers Network Associates.

Origin: Canada

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