CyberTracker (1994) IMDb


01:31:00 | Action | IMDb rating: 3.0

Keywords: Action Hero, Agent, Android, Bar, Bazooka, Billiard Ball, Billiard Game, BMW, Bodyguard, Burning, Car Crash, Car Trouble, Cop Killer, Corrupt Police, Cut Off, Cybernetics, Cyborg, Cyborg Plan, Death, Demonstration, Desert Eagle, Door Crush, Duel, Exploding Car, Exploding Helicopter, Explosion, Flashback, Future, Gun, Gunfight, Hand To Hand Combat, Helicopter, Hero, Hologram, Hummer, Humvee, Independent Film, Karate, Karate Kick, Kickboxer, Kickboxing, Killer Robot, Killing Machine, Lasersight, Leather Jacket, Los Angeles California, Martial Arts, One Against Many, One Man Army, Plastic Explosive, Police, Police Car, Police Station, Protestors, Rebellion, Reporter, Revenge, Reverse Footage, Robot, Robotics, Roundhouse Kick, Scanning, Severed Arm, Shootout, Shot To Death, Showdown, Skyscraper, Special Agent, Tank Explosion, Tough Guy, Tracking, Underground, Uzi, Video Message, Violence, Warrior.


Eric is a secret agent currently working as security guard for senator Dilly. The senator is the main advocate for a new kind of police officer: the Tracker, an perfect und nearly unvulnerable android. When Eric realizes that senator Dilly is playing dirty games, he does not only have Dilly's security chief Ross after him, but also those nearly undefeatable Trackers.

Director(s): Richard Pepin,

Writer(s): Joe Hart.
Producer(s): Jerry P. Jacobs. Paul Maslak. Scott McAboy. Scott McAboy. Joseph Merhi. Richard Pepin. Gilbert Alexander Wadsworth III. Don 'The Dragon' Wilson.


Studio: PM Entertainment Group.

Origin: USA

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