Junior (1994) IMDb


01:49:00 | Comedy, Romance | IMDb rating: 4.4

Keywords: Babe Scientist, Baby, Birthday, Birthday Cake, Caesarean Birth, Character Name In Title, Deception, Discovering One Is Pregnant, Doctor Patient Relationship, Dream Sequence, Drug Use, Ex Husband Ex Wife Relationship, Experiment Gone Wrong, Farce, Fatherhood, Fertility, Fictional Drug, Gender Disguise, Gynaecology, Laboratory, Love, Male Female Relationship, Male Pregnancy, Man With Glasses, Media, Medical Research, One Word Title, Pregnancy, Pregnant Man, Restaurant, Role Reversal, Scientist, Sperm Donor, Title Spoken By Character.


Alex Hesse and Larry Arbogast are working on a new drug which will reduce the chances of a woman's body rejecting an embryo and thus causing a miscarriage. When their research funding is withdrawn, and human experimentation is denied to them, they decide to test the drug by breifly impregnating Hesse. Hesse however becomes attached to "his" unborn baby.

Director(s): Ivan Reitman,

Writer(s): Kevin Wade, Chris Conrad.
Producer(s): Neal Nordlinger. Beverly J. Camhe. Chris Conrad. Daniel Goldberg. Sheldon Kahn. Joe Medjuck. Ivan Reitman. Gordon A. Webb.


Studio: Northern Lights Entertainment, Northern Lights Entertainment.

Origin: USA

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