Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy (1994) IMDb

Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy

00:00:00 | Comedy, Romance | IMDb rating: 5.1

Keywords: Beautiful Woman, Character Name In Title, Erotica, Female Nudity, Female To Male Foot In Crotch, Lesbian Sex, Lesbianism, Pulfrich Effect, Sex, Title In Title.


In the series "Emmanuelle in Space", Krista plays the lead role of Emmanuelle-an earth woman chosen by a group of space travelers to teach them about love, and human sexuality. Emmanuelle takes the aliens to such places as Las Vegas, Egypt, and Asia to teach them the wonders about sexuality. While doing this she forms a bond with the leader, Haffron, who falls in love with her.

Director(s): Lev L. Spiro,

Writer(s): Daryl Haney, Noel Harrison.
Producer(s): Alain Siritzky.



Origin: USA

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