Mod Fuck Explosion (1994) IMDb

Mod Fuck Explosion

01:16:00 | Comedy, Drama | IMDb rating: 2.2

Keywords: Independent Film, Profanity In Title.


West Side Story meets Rumble in the Bronx meets A Clockwork Orange. Bizarre tale of London, a lonely teen yearning for affection and a leather jacket who lives in a dysfunctional family home where the mother keeps popping and sexually playing with her other child, X-Ray, a member of a gang of Mods who are constantly at war with a gang of Asian Bikers. Amidst this turmoil, London and her soul mate M16 search for meaning in a phantasmagoria without it.

Director(s): Jon Moritsugu,

Writer(s): Jon Moritsugu.
Producer(s): Marcus Hu. Timothy Innes. Jon Moritsugu. Henry S. Rosenthal. Andrea Sperling.


Studio: Complex.

Origin: USA

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