Fire in the Sky (1993) IMDb

Fire in the Sky

01:49:00 | Drama, Horror, Mystery | IMDb rating: 6.3

Keywords: 1970s, Abduction, Alien, Alien Abduction, Ambulance, Arizona, Bar, Bartender, Based On A Supposedly True Story, Based On Book, Boy, Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship, Brother In Law Brother In Law Relationship, Brother Sister Relationship, Cafe, Camera, Car Dealership, Car Keys, Car Radio, Car Salesman, Chainsaw, Cigar Smoking, Cigarette Smoking, Climbing Through A Window, Coda, Corpse, Cowboy, Crying, Cult Favorite, Dead Body, Deputy Sheriff, Disappearance, Doctor, Dog, Dog Skeleton, Dragged, Drink, Drinking, Drinking Water From A Faucet, Eating, Eyeglasses, Falling, Falling Tree, False Accusation, False Accusation Of Murder, Family Relationships, Father Daughter Relationship, Father Son Relationship, Felling A Tree, Filling Station, Flash Forward, Flashback, Floating In Space, Food, Forest, Forestry, Forestry Service, Friend, Friendship, Gas Station, Girl, Headset, Helicopter, Hospital, Husband Wife Relationship, Intercom, Investigation, Keychain, Lie Detector, Lieutenant, Lifeline, Listening To A Radio, Logger, Lumberjack, Male Female Relationship, Male Nudity, Marriage, Media Frenzy, Medical Examination, Medical Experiment, Microphone, Mirror, Missing Person, Montage, Motel, Mother Daughter Relationship, Mother Son Relationship, Motorcycle, Mountain, News Magazine, Newspaper, Nudity, Nurse, Outer Space, Pay Phone, Photographer, Pickup Truck, Police, Policeman, Polygraph, Pregnancy, Prologue, Railroad Crossing, Rain, Reckless Driving, Reference To Barney Fife, Reporter, Restaurant, Rifle, Sawing Down A Tree, Search, Sergeant, Sheriff, Shoes, Snowflake Arizona, Spaceship, Supernatural Power, Syrup, Tabloid, Tape Recorder, Tape Recording, Tears, Teenage Boy, Telephone Call, Train, Tree, Truck, Truck Accident, TV Camera, TV Crew, TV News, TV Reporter, Twenty Something, UFO, Underwear, Urine Sample, Violence, Waitress, Watching TV, Water, Weightlessness, White Mountains Arizona, Woods.


A group of men who were clearing bush for the government arrive back in town, claiming that their friend was abducted by aliens. Nobody believes them, and despite a lack of motive and no evidence of foul play, their friends' disappearance is treated as murder.

Director(s): Robert Lieberman,

Writer(s): Travis Walton, Tracy Tormé.
Producer(s): Wolfgang Glattes. Todd Black. Nilo Rodis-Jamero. Robert Strauss. Tracy Tormé. Joe Wizan.


Studio: Paramount Pictures.

Origin: USA

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