Kumo kai no meikyû (1993) IMDb

Kumo kai no meikyû

01:10:00 | Adventure, Animation | IMDb rating: 6.7

Keywords: Anime, Meiji, Mysticism, Time Travel, Witchcraft.


In a world that's parallel to ours, a battle between good and evil rages. Himiko, who wants to harness the powers of the gates of the wind in order to rule the universe, is in league with monsters, cyborgs, and other unseemly characters. Himiko wants to capture a teen girl named Miki who is unaware that she is a priestess and possesses a talisman that's key to opening the gates of the wind. Out to protect Miki and to thwart Himiko's plan is Hikikata Toshizo, who was a warrior on earth in the 19th century and who now lives in the parallel world, assisted by his aged sidekick, Gennai. With the help of a cat, Hikikata, Gennai, and Miki may succeed.

Director(s): Shigenori Kageyama,

Writer(s): Shigenori Kageyama.
Producer(s): Takao Asaka. Koji Iwakawa.


Studio: FSS Inc..

Origin: Japan

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