Mandroid (1993) IMDb

01:21:00 | Action, Horror | IMDb rating: 3.5

Keywords: Android, Cult Favorite, Deformed Face, Doctor, Father Daughter Relationship, Independent Film, Mask, Mute, Romania, Russia, Shootout, Surprise Ending, Virtual Reality.


In his hidden laboratory deep in Russia, Dr. Karl Zimmer has invented the Mandroid, a humanoid robot which follows the motions of a man in a special control suit. He has offered the invention to the USA, who have sent Smith and Wait from the CIA for inspection. However Zimmer's partner Drago has different plans, wants to sell Mandroid to the military. The night he tries to steal Mandroid, he becomes exposed to the highly toxic Superconn. But he can flee and won't give up on Mandroid, even though he's terribly disfigured.

Director(s): Jack Ersgard,

Writer(s): Jackson Barr, Earl Kenton.
Producer(s): Charles Band. Oana Paunescu. Vlad Paunescu. Lara Porzak.


Studio: Castel Film Romania, Castel Film Romania.

Origin: USA

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