Skeeter (1993) IMDb


01:35:00 | Horror, Thriller | IMDb rating: 2.8

Keywords: Cult Favorite, Death, Flamethrower, Giant Insect, Independent Film, Mosquito, Motorcycle, Sheriff, Small Town, Toxic Waste.


Another ecological disaster results in mosquitoes growing to the size of bats (very rubbery, non-scary bats). Of course they have to suck a lot of blood. Humans have to find a way to fight back.

Director(s): Clark Brandon,

Writer(s): Clark Brandon, Lanny Horn, Joseph Luis Rubin.
Producer(s): James Glenn Dudelson. Don Edmonds. Sanford Hampton. John Lambert. Kelly Andrea Rubin.


Studio: August Entertainment, K.A.R. Films, New Line Cinema, August Entertainment.

Origin: USA

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