Jin doi hou haap cyun (1993) IMDb

Jin doi hou haap cyun

01:41:00 | Action, Comedy | IMDb rating: 5.6

Keywords: Beautiful Woman, Sequel.


Set some time after the original 'Heroic Trio' the city has been devastated by nuclear attack. An evil deformed villain controls the city's scarce water supply, exerting influence over both a popular leader and a militarist colonel. The trio of Chat the Thief catcher, Ching and Wonder Woman (along with her young daughter) have to avert a military takeover and find clean headwaters to save the city.

Director(s): Siu-Tung Ching, Johnnie To,

Writer(s): Sandy Shaw, Sandy Shaw, Susanne Chan.
Producer(s): Siu-Tung Ching. Johnnie To.


Studio: China Entertainment Films Production, China Entertainment Films Production.

Origin: Hong Kong

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